Celere Health provides the technology, services and consulting to help healthcare providers implement virtual care. We make it easy for our clients to gain the benefits of clinical efficiency and better care outcomes by meeting patient care needs in their home.

Celere Health’s Platform As a Service

Celere Health Platform

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

We are vendor agnostic, bringing the right tools, processes and clinical workflows together to support providers’ care protocols. Technology is a tool for better care, not an end in itself. Virtual care works when we connect people, technology and services with a human-centered design approach.

Clinical Integration

Celere Health offers a simplified, relevant user experience for each unique user: providers and their patients, families and caregivers. We work closely to customize each integration to your needs. For providers, this means working within your chosen EMR and other clinical systems.

Clinical and Professional Services

Telehealth implementations are complex and often fail to achieve the desired goals due to poor user experience, lack of clinical workflow design and integration, and dependencies that require healthcare provider availability. Celere Health’s professional services group has unique expertise in these areas and can help an organization with its own telehealth and RPM strategy and projects.

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Our Solutions for Healthcare Providers
Our Solutions for Care Coordinators
Our Solutions for Telehealth and RPM Vendors

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