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Celere Health makes Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring easy for healthcare providers.

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) improves clinical outcomes by keeping patients, especially those with one or more chronic conditions, engaged with their care providers, reducing the chances of a lapse in treatment and lowering hospital readmission rates. 

Unfortunately, few organizations see these benefits because most telehealth solutions:

  • Are not integrated into the clinical systems they use on a daily basis
  • Don’t have customizable workflows
  • Are limited in what they treat
  • Don’t cross the many silos of healthcare (e.g. vitals, activity, behavioral and Rx adherence)
  • And are not designed for the specific audiences who will benefit the most

Celere Health’s team of healthcare, user experience, and telehealth technology professionals ensure your program achieves the desired results. 

Workflow Example

Engage patients and family with their care.
Celere Health allows providers to easily engage patients and family in their care. We design engaging patient experiences to fit each users technical ability.

Illustrative Case Study – Gloria

A medically complex, 86 year-old patient who was on a path to end up in a nursing home.

Gloria has many challenges, including:

  • Pain related to a prior injury, depression, and difficulty maintaining a healthy weight
  • Homebound
  • Difficulty adhering to Rx program
  • History of frequent ER / inpatient admissions

Her physician engaged Gloria and her family to develop an individualized care plan that included the Celere Health platform to assist with weight management, Rx adherence, and engagement with her care team.

Provider Results:

  • Provider was able to engage, monitor and interact with Gloria without requiring her to come into the clinic. Important since she no longer drives. The biggest risk to Gloria being inaction.
  • Provider captured new revenue via approved reimbursable CPT codes.

Patient Results:

  • Gloria is able to continue living independently at home and has not been to the ER in eight.
  • She is addressing weight issues through daily weigh ins and virtual support by her care team.
  • The improved Rx efficacy has directly improved pain management and other issues.

Cost Savings

  • Cost saving to Medicare is approximately $30,000/annually.

Connect with us if you want to talk about how Celere Health’s telehealth platform can extend your healthcare practice.

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